“Our Brokerage Accounts make investing simple”

 If you're serious about wealth creation and management of your investments, you should have a Royal Fidelity brokerage account. With our brokerage accounts you gain access to a wide range of investment services and opportunities together with the benefit of the advice of Royal Fidelity’s professional and objective financial advice.
Recognising the varied requirements of investors, Royal Fidelity offers two brokerage account options:
Advantage Brokerage Account 
For individuals comfortable making investment decisions.
If you can trade like the professionals and make your own investment decisions without our advice, then the Fidelity "Advantage" brokerage account is the one for you.
• 50% discount on retail trading commissions
• Free collection and deposit of dividends and interest payments
• Free custody of your securities
• Free quarterly statements
• Online access to account information
• Margin loans secured by your investments
• Competitive interest rates
• Fidelity Forum Newsletter
• Daily Market Report by e-mail

• Visa credit card
Advantage Plus Brokerage Account

For individuals who don’t have the time to make investment decisions. 
Too busy to do the research necessary to make confident, informed investment decisions? Want the additional benefits received by Fidelity’s other preferred investors? Then the Fidelity "Advantage Plus" brokerage account is for you. We will take the guesswork out of your investment with expert advice from Fidelity's stock brokers and make sure you receive all the possible benefits available.

In addition to the services provided to Advantage Brokerage account holders, Advantage Plus Customers will also receive:

• 40% discount on standard brokerage commissions
• Preferential investment opportunities
• Electronic trade confirmations
• Preferential interest rates on margin loans
• Investment advice and updates on all publicly traded Bahamian companies
• Semi-annual personal portfolio review and assessment
• Gold Visa credit card with competitive terms
• Monthly online statements

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