Royal Fidelity Personal Pension Plan

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

When we talk about retirement, we’re talking about the longest holiday of your life! Your pension is an essential part of your financial planning. Each Royal Fidelity Personal Pension plan is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan that was introduced as means of encouraging persons to invest for their retirement. It is a tax-sheltered investment account that holds a wide range of investments. It is essentially designed for creating retirement income and allowing you to enjoy those golden years.

The peace of mind you are dreaming of…

        Key Features

  •    You can contribute a of minimum of $100 per month or $1200 per annum
  •    You can contribute in lump sum payments or on a predetermined scheduled.
  •    Contributions are allowed up until the end of the year in which you turn sixty-five (65) years old. The earliest age at which you may retire is fifty-five (55) years old.
  •    You are allowed to withdraw the lesser of 10% or $25000 towards the purchase of your first home.

Tax Incentives

·         Each contribution made will reduce the amount of your annual taxable income by the amount of the contribution-up to $10,000 per year.

·          Interest paid on the Personal Pension Plan is not subject to income tax at the time interest is earned

·          At retirement, you can withdraw 25% of your funds tax free.

With its advanced technology platform, experienced, professional investment managers
and efficient and reliable administration, Royal Fidelity gives you the same level of service
as our corporate pension clients receive.