“A pension program for companies of all sizes.”

As an employer, you want to attract and retain qualified, effective people by offering worthwhile benefits including a solid, well performing pension plan. The ideal pension plan will attract and retain quality employees, reduce staff turnover and enhance employee loyalty.
The best pension plan offers both employer and employee:
• Superior investment performance
• Cost efficiencies
• Professional management
• Flexibility
• Reliability
• Satisfaction to both parties
Royal Fidelity can effectively meet the needs because our pension plans and services are designed and tailor-made around these very principles .
In addition to specially tailored, stand alone plans, Royal Fidelity offers companies the opportunity to participate in the Royal Fidelity Pension Plan, a multi-employer, defined contribution plan established in response to the growing demand for a pension plan that better meets the needs of the employer and the employee.

What is the Royal Fidelity Multi Employer Pension Plan?

It is a defined contribution plan established to assist businesses of all sizes to provide a cost effective and flexible pension plan for their employees. The Plan enables multiple companies to provide a pension solution for their employees without the need to worry about establishing plan documents, arrange for service providers and incur the costs of running a stand alone pension plan. The Plan’s advanced technology platform and high level of flexibility allows participants to tailor it to their unique needs with multiple investment options to choose from.

The employer and employee each contribute an agreed amount to the plan each month, Royal Fidelity invests the funds according to the options chosen by the employee and employer and maintains contribution and accounting records. Designed especially for small and medium sized businesses, the Royal Fidelity Multi Employer Pension Plan is easy to administer and extremely cost effective.

         Additional Benefits:

  • No set up fees, no termination fee, no hidden charges
  • Low administration costs
  • Flexible and easy to administer
  • Wide range of investment options
  • Strong investment performance
  • Web access to pension plan information
  • Regular reports, information and statements

Retirement requires resources….

What can I expect at Retirement?

We all want to maintain our lifestyle after retirement! Your pension plan forms the core of your retirement income.  Upon reaching retirement, your accumulated pension benefits (employer’s contributions, employee contributions (voluntary) plus investment returns) will be used to purchase an annuity. The amount you will have at retirement is a function of the amount you invest, the time the funds are invested and the return you obtain on the funds. You need to maximize all three if you expect to have sufficient funds to retire comfortably.

How do I join?

Simply contact us via phone or email. A Royal Fidelity pension specialist will contact you and arrange to come to your office, provide a presentation and assist with completing the relevant forms.

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